Take The First Step

Throughout my career, I’ve noticed a fascinating contradiction: the gap between what we know and what we actually do. I’ve come to realise that the most effective financial guidance must be rooted in an understanding of human behaviour, not just in number crunching, because humans are a strange bunch, endlessly intriguing and often unpredictable. It’s …

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Becoming the First Millionaire in Your Family

Becoming the first millionaire in a family is an ambitious yet achievable goal that many aspire to attain. It’s a significant milestone representing not just financial success but also the culmination of disciplined strategies, perseverance, and a mindset geared towards wealth creation. While it might seem daunting, achieving this milestone is within reach for those …

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Always Be Closing

In the world of cinema, certain moments stand out not only for their dramatic impact but also for the valuable life lessons they convey. One such iconic moment is Alec Baldwin’s impassioned speech in the cinematic masterpiece “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Alec Baldwin plays the character Blake, a no-nonsense motivator sent to shake up the underperforming …

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