We follow a strong, proactive and standardised investment process, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

First and foremost, Luthuli Capital is an investment management firm to professionals, high net worth individuals and families.

Everything we do is designed to pursue the potential in your investment portfolio. It requires a level of focus, dedication—and even a philosophy—you simply won’t find in a conventional investment management firm. It means we act as a fiduciary in the context of an individualized investment strategy.

An investment is a living entity, not a concept, not a number. It’s a big decision—with even bigger implications. It is for this reason that the Luthuli Capital investment team will:

  • Explore and understand your unique situation, priorities and goals
  • Actively manage your asset allocation
  • Work one-on-one and design a strategy for you
  • Stay accessible and informed always

This is done so we may effectively populate a realistic plan for achieving your investment goals whilst minimising your risk. At Luthuli Capital we understand that RISK can be effectively “managed” without limiting the potential in an investment portfolio. Rather than reacting to the perception of risk, the real focus of investing should be understanding market volatility and accounting for it in decision-making. At Luthuli Capital, planning for volatility means we must think differently and make better decisions. We’re curious in our study of the global economy, creative in the way we identify opportunities, diligent in our research, and intentional in our allocations. We focus on the things we understand—and look beyond conventional wisdom. As thoughtful and active managers of every client’s allocation, we pay attention to every transaction.

Luthuli Capital is proactive and forward-focused in every aspect of its pursuit to increase portfolio returns while decreasing risks and costs. Asset management firms often push historical performance, which reinforces the tendency of investors to chase performance (i.e. buy high and sell low). Our motivation is to identify reliable strategies, talented managers, and investment products with a sustainable edge in the future.

This approach empowers Luthuli Capital with a unique and unobstructed vantage point to shape and build the right wealth management strategy for you.

And to that end, we also recommend a comprehensive financial plan that informs your investment strategy and wealth protection decisions. Why? Our private wealth management practice is focused on enabling our clients to enjoy the benefits of an integrated approach to managing their wealth. Our role is to anticipate and solve financial problems and provide wealth management leadership so that our clients’ lives can be easier and richer. We guide clients through strategic decision making based upon goals for their personal lifestyle, family, and charitable legacies.

We focus on the elements of wealth management that are truly controllable such as asset location, market efficiency, costs, and taxation.

Wealth management services include:

  • Estate Planning
    • Wealth Preservation
    • Multigenerational /Legacy Wealth
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Portfolio Design

Whether you’re just starting out, are a seasoned and astute investor, or an international corporation, we have the expertise for your wealth management needs.

We look forward to serving you.


Pension Funds

A pension fund is a retirement plan that requires an employer to make contributions into a pool of funds set aside for an employee’s future benefit. The pool of funds is invested on the employee’s behalf, and the earnings on the investments generate income to the employee upon retirement.


We aim to assist you with the identification, analysis, assessment, control, avoidance, minimization, or elimination of unacceptable risks. This risk may be posed to you through any unknown future event such as death, disability, illness or retrenchment. Through our extensive insurance offering we can help you with proper management of future events.



At LUTHULI CAPITAL, our investment strategy begins with a “top down” analysis of the Global economy where we consider a variety of factors, including GDP growth factors and how these affect industries or sectors, demographic changes, triggers of changes in interest rates, currency risk and inflation changes.

Fiduciary Services

Our Wills and estate planning service allows you to ensure that you and your loved ones have legally drafted wills and that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and your estate settled quickly and fairly. All services are rendered by qualified and experienced legal advisors.

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