When to Hire Us

Hiring someone to manage your investment portfolio may sound like a service only the wealthy need — or can afford  — however, investment management is about making the most of your money: No matter how much you have in your portfolio, it’s important to ensure every cent is optimized. An investment manager can help you do that.

When to hire an investment manager

It’s common to end up with a collection of investment accounts — a few RA’s, a couple of pension funds from previous employers, that brokerage account you opened after you saw a Warren Buffett documentary. An investment manager can streamline your financial life by consolidating accounts from different firms under one roof, making it easier to execute a cohesive investment plan.

But even if your investments are held within one account, investment management is helpful if:

  • You’re not confident about making investing decisions on your own (or want a second opinion).
  • You want someone else to keep tabs on your portfolio and rebalance assets when the mix drifts from the original formula.
  • You’re dealing with complex issues, such as an inheritance, retirement-income planning, tax strategies or legacy planning.

What is Investment management?

Investment management is the creation and overall care of an investment portfolio. It often includes suggesting an investment strategy, buying and selling investments and managing the portfolio’s asset allocation. Investment management can be done on your own or with an advisor’s help. This isn’t just about managing the specific assets in a client’s portfolio, it includes ensuring the portfolio continues to align with the client’s goals, risk tolerance and financial priorities.

What does an investment manager do?

An investment manager is a person or company that manages an investment portfolio on behalf of a client. Investment managers come up with an investment strategy to meet a client’s goals, then use that strategy to decide how to divide the client’s portfolio among different types of investments, such as stocks and bonds. The manager buys and sells those investments for the client as needed and monitors the portfolio’s overall performance.

How do investment management services work?

As an investment management firm, we require you to set up an investment account with us. If you have existing retirement annuity and/or tax-free savings accounts at other firms, we will help you transfer and consolidate your money under our management. Our investment decisions are based on a variety of factors, starting with your income goal and time frame. You’ll also answer questions to help us assess your risk tolerance, or your ability to endure swings in investment returns and stock market fluctuations. Market conditions, historical performance, tax efficiency and investment fees also inform our investment strategy.
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