Our Investment Process

We prioritise our clients’ investment goals. Our investment solutions aim to achieve the desired outcomes and increase the probability of delivering the portfolio’s objective. Asset allocation is the cornerstone of this philosophy. We take multiple considerations into account – from asset allocation, mandate design, and risk management – to achieve our clients’ investment outcomes.

Our portfolios are constructed and managed based on the client’s objectives, which has the following pillars:


Time horizon: We define a time horizon


Risk budget: We determine an acceptable level of risk (this indicates how much a portfolio may fall in adverse market conditions)


Return objective: We use a reasonable return target

When you invest your money in one of our model portfolios, you are investing in an efficiently constructed investment portfolio. We continually optimise the portfolio’s asset allocation and maintain the portfolio, so that its construction remains in line with its stated objectives.

We do this by adhering to the follow principles:


  • Active Asset Allocation
  • Fund Manager Due Diligence and Research
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Portfolio Screening
  • Portfolio Solutions Categorised by Risk Profile
  • Fund Selection and Blending
  • Portfolio Management and Rebalancing

Finding robust and compliant portfolios solutions can be time-consuming and a high-risk undertaking. That’s why we’re offering you services and investment solutions capable of meeting your unique wealth management needs.

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