Saving Strategies

Time Is Money

A question I get asked repeatedly by clients is, “What does time is money, mean”? Think of money as a way to save the hard work you’ve done so you can use it later. In other words, money is like saving time. You work, you save time (in the form of money), and then you use […]

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Saving vs. Investing

Understanding the distinction between saving and investing is fundamental to achieving your financial objectives. Though these terms are often used interchangeably, they serve distinct purposes in managing your finances. This guide aims to clarify these differences and provide practical advice on utilizing both strategies effectively. Saving typically involves setting aside money in secure and accessible

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Ke January Boss: A 10 Step Financial Recovery Guide

Navigating the aftermath of holiday spending can be challenging. This guide offers practical steps to overcome post-holiday financial stress and lays the groundwork for a financially healthy new year. The holidays often lead to overspending, but it’s vital not to dwell on past financial decisions. Instead, view this as a learning experience and focus on

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