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This Time It’s Different

As someone who embarked on their investment career shortly after the 2008 global financial crisis and weathered the storm of the 2020 stock market crash, I’ve witnessed first-hand the cyclical nature of financial markets. These crises, though different in their causes, share a common aftermath: the lasting impact on investor portfolios and psyche. Despite the

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Margin Of Safety

One of my favourite Benjamin Graham investment quotes is, “The purpose of the margin of safety is to render the forecast unnecessary.” There so much insight and wisdom distilled into that eloquent line. The major point about the margin of safety is that it removes the speculator’s need to predict the future, thus turning that speculator

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Saving vs. Investing

Understanding the distinction between saving and investing is fundamental to achieving your financial objectives. Though these terms are often used interchangeably, they serve distinct purposes in managing your finances. This guide aims to clarify these differences and provide practical advice on utilizing both strategies effectively. Saving typically involves setting aside money in secure and accessible

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Buy Low, Sell High

Navigating the world of investing? It’s not just about picking stocks and watching them grow – it’s also about knowing how much risk you’re comfortable with. This is what we call risk tolerance. It’s a fancy term, but it’s really just about how you feel when the value of your investments goes up and down. 

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What Is A Stock?

Venturing into the world of stock investments can be both exciting and daunting. Here’s a practical guide to help you understand the essentials of stock investing. 1. What Stocks Really Mean: Think of stocks as your small slice of a company. When you buy a stock, you’re essentially buying a piece of that company’s future

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Clarity In Chaos

The ever-changing landscape of financial markets often compels us to fixate on the immediate: Why did the market dip by 2% today? What moves will the Fed make next? What are the key themes shaping the markets for the coming years? Such questions form the heartbeat of the investment sector. They fuel narratives, drive sales,

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Buy When There’s Blood in the Street

Market downturns, like the one caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, often result from a mix of factors including economic bubbles, panic selling, high interest rates, geopolitical issues, or unpredictable events. These declines can be exacerbated by aggressive traders who, facing margin calls, liquidate their holdings, further driving down the market. However, such downturns can also

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Why Are You An Investor?

The world of investing often mirrors the allure of entering a lottery. Just as with lotteries, where the chances of hitting the jackpot are minuscule, we find ourselves drawn to investment strategies with similarly low odds of success. This fascination often leads us to make decisions that are not in our best interest. Here is

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I’ve Fixed My Cystal Ball! These Stocks Will Make you Rich in 2024.

Forecasting the future performance of stock markets is a ritual among financial experts, but often it leads to a realization of the futility of such predictions. While it appears harmless, it can encourage negative investment habits. To realistically anticipate stock market performance, understanding its three primary drivers is essential: valuation shifts, dividends, and earnings growth.

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