Margin Of Safety

One of my favourite Benjamin Graham investment quotes is, “The purpose of the margin of safety is to render the forecast unnecessary.” There so much insight and wisdom distilled into that eloquent line. The major point about the margin of safety is that it removes the speculator’s need to predict the future, thus turning that speculator …

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Back To School

My daughters changed schools this year and what a process that was. Assessing multiple schools over several hours, being shown around a potential destination for the next few years of her education. As we were being told about how “unique” each school is, and how each one is perfectly geared for preparing my children for …

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Market Multiverse

Investing isn’t just a quest for wealth; it’s an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and awareness. This holistic approach differs starkly from the narrow focus solely on financial gains, often ignoring the deeper emotional and intellectual gratification that investment can bring. A standout example of this enriched experience is the art of diversifying your investment portfolio. …

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Unlocking Life’s Currencies: A Thought Experiment in Character Assessment

Imagine having the opportunity to invest in a friend and receive 10% of their income for life. Buffett posed this scenario to students, urging them to consider which traits make a person a worthwhile investment. However, this exercise extends far beyond financial gain. It prompts us to reflect on the various currencies that shape our …

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