Debt Management

Lessons From My Mentors

As a personal finance blogger, I’ve gone through my fair share of financial advice books. Let’s face it: many of them can be quite dull. They’re filled with investment strategies and tax loopholes but often miss the human touch, making them feel like repetitive lectures rather than engaging lessons. This is why I’ve turned to […]

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For Richer Or For Poorer

For many newlyweds, the thrill of starting a life together comes with the daunting task of merging finances. It’s a crucial step that, if navigated wisely, can lead to a harmonious and prosperous future. However, without clear guidance, it’s easy to feel lost in the sea of financial decisions waiting to be made. This guide

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Ke January Boss: A 10 Step Financial Recovery Guide

Navigating the aftermath of holiday spending can be challenging. This guide offers practical steps to overcome post-holiday financial stress and lays the groundwork for a financially healthy new year. The holidays often lead to overspending, but it’s vital not to dwell on past financial decisions. Instead, view this as a learning experience and focus on

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