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07/04/2020 Mduduzi Luthuli

Like me, you’ve probably already reduced your normal spending habits. Not by choice but rather as a side effect of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rather than go to a gym, I have been running and working out in my garden.  Rather than going to events and shows, I’ve rediscovered the joy of a good book. I have been writing more and am appreciating time with family (when I do not feel like murdering them from cabin fever). Yes, this imposed level of reduced spend is uncomfortable and for health reasons, however, in a way it is an opportunity to prototype some thrifty life changes and commit to the ones that work for you.  

Frugality does not need to be a deprivation when you choose what areas to cut from. 

It frees up more cash for the things you love and can empower you with options in the form of money in a long-term investment account or emergency fund.  It is liberating to know that you can be content with less.  When practiced meaningfully, frugality can be a blessing. Now is the time to implement healthy habits.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, but have not started your financial independence journey, now is the best time to start. If you are already well down the path, consider sharing this article with someone who could use a nudge.  For god’s sake why not? Many of us are sitting at home with time on our hands to interrogate our own money and investment habits.  Many of us are also already practicing frugality as a side effect from social distancing.

Times like this may feel scary and isolating but I offer up this article in a light-hearted spirit for levity.  However, on a serious note, whenever I am confronted by possibilities of illness or even death, it makes me think about my life and what is important. 

What do I want to change? What can be improved upon? What will be my legacy?

While no one yet knows the extent of the impact of the Coronavirus, I do know that it will eventually pass.  Fear can shake us in life but can also be harnessed into self-reflection. Self-reflection can be the beginning of transformation and planning for your better future.

Be well over the coming weeks and reach out to your loved ones while we are all more isolated at home. 

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