You can never get enough of what you don’t really need

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05/09/2019 Mduduzi Luthuli

When every day — every thought — is centered around what you THINK will bring happiness, you’ll quickly find that it’s never enough.

This is because after having a happy moment, our brains must come back down to our homeostasis (our natural state of being).

If we trick our brains over and over that these temporary ‘happy moments’ (such as eating at a restaurant or going on a vacation), are how we’re always supposed to feel, then coming back to our homeostasis may begin to feel like a loss… Thus, triggering us to pursue MORE feelings of happiness.

The pursuit of happiness is expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting.

Happiness is fleeting. Sooner or later, the vacation ends. The expensive dinner out is over. We return to the quotidian rhythms of life. So, what should we do?

This is where contentment comes in. Happiness may come and go, but contentment can be more consistently achieved.

If we are content with ourselves and able to accept who we are while in our natural state of being, we will have more time, money, and energy to live and experience life, in both its delightful and inglorious moments.

It doesn’t mean we can’t have goals for a better or different lifestyle, but it’s important to find acceptance and contentment no matter your situation. Even if you have nothing, you can enjoy a sunrise.

Taking the time to ask “why” you want that BMW, or “why” you want to be rich, can expose some flawed thinking.

For some, it’s all about vanity. For others, it’s about winning at all costs. Still others are insecure and think financial wealth will bring happiness. They need others to see their homes and endless stuff, so they feel better.

Superior, perhaps.

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