The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.

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05/08/2019 Mduduzi Luthuli

Life doesn’t always have to be about how much you’re getting done. It doesn’t need to be about climbing the corporate ladder or about building the biggest business.

When was the last time you really assessed the value of your daily “productivity”? Productivity in service of building a life you value- that’s a beautiful thing. Productivity for the sake of productivity, unfortunately that’s much more common.

We also all want to achieve our goals as quickly as humanly possible. If something’s worth accomplishing, it’s worth working feverishly towards, right?

Perhaps, but not always. Stop and smell the roses sometimes. It’s okay to slow things down. It’s your life that you’re living.

So maybe, instead of just grinding away at work you think is necessary, take a step back. Sit down with your partner, or with your own thoughts, and think through what’s an ideal life for you. Is all this productivity moving you in that direction or is it just giving the illusion of progress while it makes your daily life worse?

Productivity is less about what you do with your time, and more about how you run your mind.” – Robin Sharma