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About Mduduzi

Mduduzi is an investment manager who specialises in building Equity, Fixed Income and Balanced portfolios appropriate to investors’ objectives, for a wide range of clients for more than 5 years. His broad experience in the financial market and tenure in the business has given him the informed perspective—from both sides of the trade—to identify situations that reflect greater future value.

To uncover unrecognized value—whether due to misperception in the market’s valuation of a company, a new process or product, exogenous events or other factors, Mduduzi conducts significant, in-depth research including analysis of underlying fundamentals and continuous monitoring of the macro and micro economic outlook.

Mduduzi is a patient investor who knows value from the inside out.

My Career

I started my financial career in 2009 with Nedbank Limited as a banker to high net- worth individuals. I later moved on to Liberty Corporate where I administered their Pension and Provident funds with a focus on Investment Portfolio Management.

My financial advisory career commenced in 2013 with Liberty Life, a career that led me to being promoted to Head of Wealth Management in 2015 at one of the top black-owned brokerages in Sandton, South Africa.

In September of 2016 I took the decision to start my own investment firms and have been responsible for managing the investment management division, developing and tracking compliance processes & tools and increasing our retail and corporate assets under management whilst overseeing the broad business strategy, business development and value proposition of Luthuli Capital.

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