It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.

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30/07/2019 Mduduzi Luthuli

Learning how to spend money well is a difficult skill.

There are a lot of articles and publications dedicated to saving money, paying down debt. Articles on changing your money mindset.  How to manifest riches.

But how many of them teach us how to spend our money?

Spending seems to be an after-thought. Or an inevitability. We view spending passively. We work on saving, but spending is something that just happens to us.

I initially thought it was about buying “the right things”. Later I was told it’s about buying “experiences”, not things. So, which is it?

There’s a reason why it’s called personal finance.

Just like budgeting and investing, spending habits must be tailored to your personal values and beliefs. While we all spend money, what we get out of the spending will depend on how we’re using our money.

Spending money itself is not a moral failing.  But we can choose what we spend it on and how much we spend.  And we can make it count.

It’s spending that in turn nurtures us.

Keep an eye on all the little things you do, because all those little things will add up to a whole lot of something. Make sure it’s a whole lot of something you want.”  – Doe Zantamata