Healthy, wealthy or both?

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21/05/2018 Mduduzi Luthuli

Some of our recent blogs have focussed on the natural wonders of the scurrying squirrels who have an instinctive ability to plan for the future. As retirement planning specialists, Luthuli Capital has learnt to evolve and adapt to the markets and the economic forests around us – but we always hold firm to our principles and approach; balanced, sustainable growth when planning for the future. It’s one of the ways in which we seek to set a new example.

Part of our sustainability speaks to the health of those with whom we are working. All the money in the world is worth nothing if you aren’t healthy; we know that money can’t buy health.

Let’s segue to our squirrel. When you watch a squirrel running along the wires outside your house, you may marvel at her dexterity and remarkable balance. But her tail plays another crucial role in her survival – whilst it stops her from losing her footing in life-or-death aerobatics, it also keeps her warm through her ice-cold winter hibernation.

Wrapped tightly in their tail-blanket, squirrels are better equipped to weather the winter and enjoy their savvy store of pre-spring snacks. Whilst their berries and nuts are proof of forethought, their healthy tail is proof of the importance of a healthy body.

Balance. You don’t want wealth, without your health. And ideally you’d like to have your health – and wealth – when you retire. If your strategy is to work as hard as you can until you reach ‘retirement age’ it could mean that when you eventually reach the age of retiring, your body may be over-stressed and overworked to the point that you can’t really enjoy your years that you’ve worked so hard to provide for.

However, if you have a balanced investment approach, you can significantly reduce your stress, and work a healthy amount that keeps you active, but doesn’t mean you miss out on your current season in life – or the next one. Being present, being prudent and being productive is a delicate mix that requires coaching, planning and regular checks to ensure that you’re on track.

You don’t have to choose either your health, or your wealth – you can have both!