Fortune favors the Brave

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07/08/2019 Mduduzi Luthuli

For too long, my mindset has been that life is a series of things you HAVE TO GET RIGHT or face the consequences of being a failure.

That has led me to put immense pressure on myself and on many of my individual decisions, including minor ones. Consequently, I ended up with unreasonably high expectations for myself and others.

The older I get, the more I realise that this approach is counterproductive. I’ve almost always learned more from trying something outside of my comfort zone than remaining safely inside it, regardless of whether the outcome was good or bad.

On top of that, staying within my comfort zone hasn’t prevented me from making mistakes, so the perfection I expected of myself has remained firmly out of reach.

Looking at my past financial choices, I over-researched and overthought them. The thoroughness to examine a problem from every angle is a good thing. To continually re-examine to the point of inducing anxiety is not so much.

Yes, do your homework. But once you’ve done the homework, you must put your pencil down and let it go.

We’re not here for very long, and most of us will return to anonymity very soon after we’re gone. Treating your time here solely as something to be taken VERY SERIOUSLY and worrying about tiny mistakes (that we won’t even remember making in twenty years) is an excellent way to go through life having never lived.

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Any fool can know. The point is to understand - Albert Einstein