Our History

LUTHULI CAPITAL was founded and structured in 2016 as a Pan-African, multi-specialist advice-based practice that offers an independent global approach to your wealth-management portfolio. We pride ourselves in our traditionalist and unwavering approach to wealth management centered on our focus on diligent industry research, innovation, accountability and excellence. Our aim is to be regarded as a trusted leader in wealth creation and protection.

Our Aim

LUTHULI CAPITAL intends to maximize returns for investors through rigorous research, delivery of world class services, and a strong collaborative philosophy. We constantly think ahead and strive to anticipate change before it happens, ensuring that our clients can look to the future with confidence. Our investment capabilities span across equities, fixed income, real estates, private equity, multi-asset solutions and pension funds strategies. Our portfolios are constructed in a cost efficient manner, based on the size of the portfolio and after discussion with our clients. We implement our investment philosophy by ensuring that simple, logical, fundamentals are the primary drivers determining how, where, when and why we invest money. We consider the assessment of risk as being equally, if not more, important than that of potential return opportunities.

The Vision

The concept of LUTHULI CAPITAL, the vision, the passion and the ultimate creation of this Advisory Business has always been driven by Why! Our firm belief in being able to provide a unique offering emboldened by our endeavor to enter an established market and compete against massive established Brands and Household names. We have always believed, implicitly, that we could deliver a better; more client focused financial advisory business than those we had experienced in our collective time spent in the many facets of the financial services industry.

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