A Problem for every Solution

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06/11/2019 Mduduzi Luthuli

Funnily enough, a life without problems would be a huge problem in itself.  After all, what is existence without the need to solve for challenges?

There would be nothing to work on, for work is nothing more than a series of problems that require interesting solutions.

There would be nothing to learn, for learning is about solving a continuous set of challenges with focused thought.

There would be no close relationships, for relationships are built through empathy, patience, and vulnerability – three things that are challenging to understand and manoeuvre through.

Your goal in life should not be to remove all your problems. Rather, it’s to upgrade the quality of your existing problems so they become one’s worth solving.

If the quality of your problems is low, devoid of purpose or energy, then they feel burdensome and unrewarding. Something you must deal with to get on with existence.

Trying to solve a high-quality problem will yield life lessons that the low-quality one will never be able to provide. In solving high-quality problems, you will grow. It will teach you how to be a more sympathetic, more understanding, and more capable and successful human being.

Aim to have problems that need to be solved with level-headed composure, not ones that are solved with infantile tantrums.

The question then becomes, “Am I challenged and stimulated by the problems I am here to solve?” If the consistent answer to that is no, then the idea of living your life as a whole becomes an unbearable heavyweight problem.

This is a big challenge, but one full of wisdom.

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