Talk about life, not money

April 2, 2018
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April 2, 2018 Mduduzi Luthuli

We don’t enter life with it – and we don’t leave this life with any of it. But somehow, it quickly needles its way into dominating many of our thoughts, which then turn into conversations.

Money becomes our focus.

Before we know it we start to perceive value in terms of cost; frequent thoughts will flow through our minds for every item, holiday, experience or person in our lives, culminating in: How much will it cost me?

Our conversations then begin to revolve around money. We find ourselves talking about money and not having engaging and exciting conversations about life.

Now – you might be thinking; a wise person will always count the cost before making a decision, and you would be partly right. Yes, it’s wise to consider the cost, but the emotions you feel when adding up the ledger is where true wisdom comes to the fore.

If you make financial decisions from a point of fear (I don’t know if I will have enough? Do I really need this? I don’t know what my goals are!) you will always find that you attach fear to conversations around money.

However, if you make financial decisions from a point of confidence (I know how much I have. I need this and it fits in well with my plans.), you will have powerful conversations about life.

Did you notice that the first reaction, the fearful reaction, largely comes from a place of not knowing? And did you notice that the second response, confidence, comes from a place of knowing?

If we can encourage you today to do one thing, it’s this: deliberately talk to your loved ones about life, not money. Powerful relationships are founded in powerful conversations. The more we communicate and relate, the more we can dispel myths and fears about our future, our finances and the lives we plan to live.

When we share these conversations with those closest to us; our partner, our kids, our siblings, our parents, our grandparents and our grandchildren, we find that we agree on many things, we are not alone and we have the support of those around us – and we will grow in confidence to make powerful decisions around our finances.

Together, let’s set a new example. Let’s remove the fear out of planning for our retirement. Let’s remove the fear from setting monthly budgets, or rewarding ourselves with well-earned holidays. Let’s take away the fear of saying ‘YES!’, and start having conversations that are about life – not money.